2020 was a wild ride, but we still got to celebrate the grand opening of a new distribution center (DC), the life of Dot Foods Co-Founder Dorothy Tracy, and our company’s history.

Ready to reminisce? Here are the top five blog posts of 2020:

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Dot Foods Delaware Grand Opening Celebration

Dot Foods celebrated the official grand opening of our 12th distribution center (DC) on Monday, February 24, in Bear, Delaware.

The Courting & Marriage of Robert & Dorothy Tracy

In honor of celebrating the life of Dorothy Tracy, we wanted to share the story of how her and RT met, and how their life together got started.

The Past 10 Years & A Look Forward: A Dot Foods Timeline

Dot has a long history of expanding and improving its distribution network. The last 10 years have seen even greater diversity on improvements and expansion, including Family Health Centers, Hagel 1891, and RT’s Cove!

Check out all the improvements Dot has made over the past decade and get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

How to Play Spot the Dot

We’ve all played I Spy, The Alphabet Game, The License Plate Game, and more on road trips with friends and family. But have any of you ever played Spot the Dot?

Dorothy Tracy: The ‘Dot’ in Dot Foods

She wasn’t nervous about starting a business with very few funds to her and her husband’s name. She wasn’t worried about how they would raise 12 children in a poor economy. She just did it. She made do with what they had, and she persevered during difficult times because of her strong faith in God and her trust that Robert knew what he was doing.

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