As the first year of the Dot Foods Careers blog comes to a close, we wanted to celebrate by compiling a list of your favorite posts from the year. You read a lot of Dot content in 2019, and we are excited to bring you even more in 2020.

But, just in case you missed some of our readers’ favorite posts of the year, we listed them here so you can get caught up and end the year on a high note:

1. #MyDotStory: Cam Ward Administers Heimlich Maneuver & Saves Coworker’s Life

At Dot Foods, safety is always top of mind. Whether you are behind the wheel of a Dot truckworking in the warehouse, or hanging out in the break room, safety is always on our minds.

In late August, during a typical meal period in the break room at Dot Foods Tennessee, Warehouse Lead Dylan Speer had a life-threatening experience while eating lunch.

2. Celebrating Women at Dot Foods

This Women’s Equality Day, we are celebrating the women who make an impact at Dot every day. These women are at all different levels of the business and work in a variety of departments—from transportation to HR to marketing.

These women make a difference every single day to our employees, customers, and suppliers. They use their talents to create a supportive work environment and to drive Dot to new heights. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

3. Leap of Faith

Have you ever felt bored, stuck, or just curious at some point in your career?

I think we all hit that point where we stop and wonder: Is this it? Am I going to work here forever, or is there more out there for me?

I hit that point after 15 years with Dot Foods. I didn’t know what my dream job was, but I didn’t think I had it.

4. Unique Benefits at Dot Foods

At Dot, we take your health seriously. So, we offer fantastic health, dental, and vision benefits. On top of that, we make sure you have access to unique benefits that are included at minimal or no extra cost to you. In doing so, we are making sure you are getting the best care possible from the best resources available. 

5. Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Dot’s Intern Program

On average, Dot has around 30 interns each year in various departments across the business and the country. In the Dot Foods Internship Program, our interns spend  8-10 weeks not only learning the Dot Foods business, but working on projects that tie directly into our strategic initiatives. It’s not just a job; it’s a way to jump-start your career.

6. What You Need to Know About Behavioral Interviews

In the past decade, more and more employers have switched to something called “behavioral interviews.” But this can be a confusing term.

So we broke it down for you here—plain and simple. Behavioral interviewing means that an employer is interested in how you acted in specific professional situations. How do you respond when faced with change or a challenge? What happened when you were asked to do something you didn’t know how to do?

7. #MyDotStory | Roberto

Since starting with Dot Foods years and years ago in warehouse sanitation, Roberto has come to love his Dot experience, and the opportunities Dot has provided for him and his family.

Roberto is filled with optimism and energy as he comes to work every day. Always walking around with a smile on his face, Roberto emphasizes the importance of staying positive.  

8. Dot Invests In You

Making that decision to commit to working for a company can be nerve-wracking and stressful. So, what if we told you that we are willing to invest as much in you as you are willing to invest in us and yourself?  Working for a company who is committed to you is extremely important. We get that.

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