At Dot Foods, we have a lot of hand-on, equipment-based jobs. One of those jobs is being a warehouse worker. Because of the fast-paced and equipment-heavy aspects of our warehouse job, we have a 90-day training program for new employees. Throughout this 90-day period, you’ll experience classroom learning and hands-on training. Plus, we’ll help you get forklift certified so you don’t have to seek out that training on your own.

Each Dot distribution center (DC) location’s training program looks a little bit different. But, here is an overview of what it’s like to train to be a warehouse worker in the Dot Foods warehouse. 

Brief Overview

The biggest thing you can expect as a new hire? Lots of information being given to you due to the uniqueness of what Dot does. But, that’s okay! Because we have best-in-class warehouse trainers who will cater to your needs and find out what works best for you.


Average of 90 Days in the Training Program


Experience Classroom Learning & Hands-on Training

Graduation Cap

Forklift Certification Obtained During Training

Typical Warehouse Training Schedule

Week 1: Classroom Training

Classroom training is where you’ll learn the rules and policies regarding safety and food handling. This is also where you’ll learn more about Dot’s business and how we operate

Week 2: On-the-Floor Picking Training

During week 2, you’ll shadow and work side-by-side with a warehouse trainer. Most new employees will start this training by learning how to use the electric pallet jack—sometimes referred to as the mule. 

If you have previous warehouse experience, you may start to train on a second piece of equipment, as well. Otherwise, once you have shown proficiency on the pallet jack, you’ll start training on a second piece of equipment. We do this so you can have variety in your job each week and not do the same task day in and day out.

Week 3+: Experiential Learning

During this time, your trainer will be available for questions, but they will not be following you around full-time. The goal of this stint of the training period is to help you become comfortable with the processes and productivity rates of the Dot warehouse.

Warehouse Training FAQ

How long is Dot Food warehouse training?

Most warehouse material handlers will graduate from training after 90 days. 

“As long as you have shown good overall performance, a high regard for safety, and have good attendance, you’ll get through the training in 90 days,” said Dot Foods Chicago Director of Warehousing Shane Ellis.

Who runs the warehouse training at each location?

As we mentioned before, training varies slightly depending on which Dot location you are hired at. Who runs the warehouse training is one of the things that varies! 

At the Chicago DC, an operations support manager oversees five warehouse trainers who conduct training for all new warehouse employees. There is one trainer per shift and a fifth trainer that conducts the classroom training sessions.

At Dot Foods Tennessee, the warehouse training is run by the warehouse trainers for each shift, but is overseen by the respective shift manager.

How can I get my forklift certification during training? Is there a test involved?

The warehouse trainer you’re working with will certify you on the pallet jack in your first week. You will be given classroom training, as well as hands-on training with that piece of equipment. To get your certification, there is a written test and skills evaluation you must pass. 

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