135 Miles for the Kids

Written by Melanie Geisendorfer, Retail Key Account Representative, Customer Service

For the past two years, Dot employees Customer Development Representative Caden Miller and Key Account Representative Kenzie Brocksieck have participated in the Quincy to Peoria St. Jude run. The run is an annual charity event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—with other races throughout the country being held on the same day. 

On August 3, Caden and Kenzie took off from Quincy, Illinois, for the 135-mile trek to Peoria, Illinois. The 60 or so runners are split into two teams, with each team given legs of the journey to run. At the end of the race, the entire team runs into Peoria together and swarms the Peoria Civic Center to celebrate. 

“When you get there, it is just emotional. I can’t even begin to explain it,” said Kenzie. 

Each runner pledges to raise at least $1,000. One hundred percent is donated directly to the kids and their families.

In the past two years, Caden and Kenzie have run a combined total of 131 miles!

“It’s not just about the miles. We do this so the parents don’t have to worry about the bills, and can focus on their child,” said Caden.

Since its inception in 1982, the St. Jude Runs have raised almost $62 million to further the mission of the hospital. It’s not about the running—it’s about the kids.

Ready to join a team that prioritizes giving back to the community?

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