With a history deeply rooted in tradition and excellence, Dot takes pride in the opportunities and jobs we can provide for veterans. We love that our employees can be a part of something greater than themselves and can have a second career filled with pride and tradition. 

If you are looking for a career beyond your military service, look no further than Dot Foods. 

Our Founder

Dot’s co-founder, Robert Tracy (RT), honorably served our country during World War II. He enlisted in the Marine Corps on December 7, 1942. 

RT was eventually ordered to the Navy’s V-12 College Training Program in South Bend, Indiana. The program’s goal was to produce officers, but RT didn’t care about that; he wanted to fight. RT became a regular presence in his captain’s office, asking for a transfer to active duty. Finally, in 1944, he was on his way to sea aboard the transport ship USS General Omar Bundy.

Joining the Marines was “my ticket to travel around the world,” said RT, in his uniform. RT was initiated into the Navy’s Sons of Neptune after his first crossing of the equator on the USS General Omar Bundy. The GI Bill helped pay for RT’s degree from the University of Illinois-Champaign. 

For this reason, we diligently honor military veterans and have increased our veteran hiring tenfold in the last 10 years. 


Our Veteran Employees

Ninety-six percent of Dot’s veteran truck drivers would recommend this job to other veterans. We feel this number says more than we ever could—but many of our employees have great things to say to their fellow veterans. 

Leadership & Subordinates

One of the biggest takeaways we’ve heard from our veterans is the respect and care that our leadership has for all employees. 

“In the military, you’ve got your leaders. And good leaders care for their subordinates,” said Driver and Army Veteran Warren Freeman. “And here at Dot, I’ve felt like I’m part of a family.”

Supportive Environment 

Dot prides itself on its supportive, family-oriented environment. Your co-workers become your second family. That is one of the reasons our employees say Dot is such a wonderful place to work

“If a veteran asked me if Dot would be a good place to work, I would say ‘yes,’ hands down,” said Frozen Warehouse Sanitation Lead and Air Force Veteran John Cunningham. “In the military, you develop a secondary family that means just as much to you as your blood family. Here at Dot, you also develop that secondary family. You blend in and enjoy those you work with.”

Personal & Professional Growth

People join the military for many different reasons. One of the more common reasons is to experience personal growth and to face a new challenge. We are always encouraging our employees to continue to grow—both personally and professionally—and appreciate the genuine curiosity and drive that veterans can bring to the table. 

 “People who join the military do so for various reasons,” said Associate Software Engineer and Navy Veteran Booky Howell.

“To find opportunities to better their financial situations—to be part of something bigger than themselves, to challenge themselves and become better versions of who they are. I would argue that any former military service member could find all of these at Dot. I know I have.” 

We also understand the amount of patience and growth it takes to transition from military to civilian life. Because of that, want to make sure we find a place for you within Dot that best aligns with the skill set you developed in the military. 

“Dot has been very patient over the years as I transition from a military mindset to a civilian one,” said Assistant Transportation Manager and Air Force Veteran Roger Still. “They have provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, and have found the right areas of the company for me to apply the skills I learned in the military.”

Core Values

The values RT instilled in the company during its founding in 1960 are still present today. His emphasis on respect, integrity, honesty, teamwork, and loyalty continue to ring true throughout the walls of all Dot facilities across the country. 

Dot Driver and Army Veteran Robby Case says it best, “The Core Values from the Army are loyalty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. In my eyes, all of these have a relation to how Dot operates every single day.”

Dot’s Military Programs

All military veterans deserve to feel supported—so we are proud to have programs and partnerships that enable Dot to serve and support veterans. 

Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG)

VERG is a Dot-specific group that helps recruit, retain, and improve our opportunities for veterans. This group not only helps our employees but also participates in community service in our surrounding communities to support veterans. The group has done a lot of volunteering and has even built two tiny homes in the Mt. Sterling, Illinois, area through the 2X4s for Hope program that serves veterans in need of housing. 

VA-approved Apprenticeship

Through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, military veterans can get jobs through VA-approved apprenticeships. This program allows veterans to get on-the-job training and education rather than attending a formal educational institution. Many of our veteran employees have come through this program, and we are a proud participant. 

Army PaYS Program

One of Dot’s primary goals is to help veterans transition from their military service to a fulfilling civilian career. We proudly work with the Army PaYS program—which guarantees a job interview for veterans when they are discharged—and work with Army transition offices in the U.S.  to recruit transitioning personnel. 

Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium

We have also hired many veterans at our Mt. Sterling and University Park locations through the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium.

Overall, we value our veterans and the skills you bring to the table. As the President of Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) Paul Mugerditchian says, “Dot Foods and DTI are fortunate to employ veterans in all areas of our business. We want to recognize their service and sacrifice—and that of all members of the military everywhere.” 

Discover Pride

Are you a current Dot employee who is a proud veteran or proud of the support Dot provides veterans?

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