Written by Darren Seckman, Helpdesk Analyst, IT

As part of another successful National Business Meeting (NBM), the leadership team made the decision to bring in all 15 warehouse managers to the NBM pre-meetings as a Leadership Showcase. The focus of bringing in this group was to solve business challenges in the three areas of Safety, Productivity, and Dot Branding—the last of which had an operational focus.

The Planning Process

The 15 warehouse managers met for eight weeks, using tools such as Zoom, tasked with preparing a 20-minute presentation to be presented at the NBM pre-meetings for a panel of judges, including Rocky Vecera, Nick Bowman, and Marvin Durboraw.

“In April of 2019, the warehouse director group was brainstorming ways we could increase positive interaction and collaboration amongst our warehouse manager group,” said Illinois Director of Warehouse John Bordewick. 

“We decided to steal blindly from the WLG Case Study Challenge, which has been so successful over the years and create a competition amongst the warehouse managers group.”

Teams & Coaches

Team 1:

Aaron Weiman

Jeremy Bundy

David Spraggins

Justin Meador

Charles Rogers

Coach Cheryl Jackson

Team 2:

Steve McClanahan

Mike Taylor

Greg Parish

Matt Roberts

Chris Campbell

Coach Eric Terwelp

Team 3:

Chad Corner

Adam Rodriguez

Fred Scott

Reggie Cannon

Jacob Stendback

Coach Ed Popek

The Winning Team

Team 2, named “Team Productivity,” featuring Matt Roberts (Mt. Sterling Dry), Chris Campbell (Toronto), Steve McClanahan (Chicago), Greg Parrish (TN), and Mike Taylor (IN) won both the “People’s Choice Award” and the “Judges’ Choice Award.” The teams were each judged on three categories, including presentation, feasibility, and creativity.

“It was a fantastic experience and a really great way to get our teams together to work on our company’s opportunities.”.

Mike Taylor

Indiana Warehouse Manager

“I think it was awesome to see the creativity and different approaches each team took to find solutions to some complicated problems in our business.”

John Bordewick

Illinois Director of Warehouse

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