What is a Parcel Handler?

May 13, 2022 | 9:25 pm

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Dot Foods Parcel Handler

The Dot Foods warehouse is an exciting and fast-paced arena that requires a dedicated team to keep things running day in and day out. This includes warehouse workers, sanitation crews, housekeeping teams, trainers, managers, as well as one group that we tend to field a lot of questions about: parcel handlers.

Let’s see if we can’t answer some of your most common inquiries.

What does a Parcel Handler do?

Responsible for packaging, labeling, and shipping out small orders to customers and partners, parcel handlers are hands-on key players with one of Dot Foods’ fastest growing departments: single case fulfillment.

In addition to organizing and delivering custom order pallets of products for distributors, Dot Foods also offers ecommerce fulfillment opportunities for our customers and suppliers. In these instances, we might pull just a few specifically requested items from our dry, cooler, and/or frozen warehouses. We’ll then package them up and send them via FedEx or UPS.

For instance, if you recently ordered a signature product from honeybaked.com, there’s a good chance that your holiday dinner was picked and shipped from one of our warehouses. Pretty cool, huh?

And with so many small orders coming in every single day, we rely heavily on parcel handlers to manage the ins and outs of this process. Parcel handlers are responsible for packaging these single or multiple-item custom orders and shipping them where they need to be in a timely manner.

What is the work atmosphere like?

An integral part of our overall warehouse team, parcel handlers work with cutting edge-automation software to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently. Unlike their warehouse worker colleagues, however, they are not responsible for operating heavy machinery, pulling product from tall shelves, or navigating the warehouse on a regular basis.

It’s the perfect job for someone who enjoys the energy and atmosphere of the warehouse, but doesn’t wish to be operating heavy machinery day in and day out.

How much can I make as a parcel handler?

Parcel workers can count on making upwards of $18 per hour at most locations. In addition to bonus potential and hourly differentials for nights and weekends in some locations, you’ll be eligible for a per-hour raise after a year. And like all Dot Foods employees, you’ll have access to incredible benefits and guaranteed PTO.

What experience do I need to be a parcel handler?

The parcel handler position is very much a “learn as you go” kind of job, so no previous experience is necessary. An ideal candidate will be a quick learner, a reliable teammate, and someone who can be trusted to work independently. Previous warehouse experience and/or computer skills are certainly a plus, but are not required.

Are you hiring?

Dot Foods is currently hiring parcel handlers at many of our North American distribution centers. To learn more about the parcel handler position, or to see if we’re hiring in your neck of the woods, search below.

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