During the week of Veterans Day, we asked our Dot veterans what it means to them to be a veteran. We received ample responses and were touched by everyone’s responses.

#DotSalutesVets Drawing Winner

Congratulations to No-Touch Freight Driver (NTF) Lawrence Hibbert for winning our #DotSalutesVets drawing.

“To me, being a vet is not only a privilege, but it runs in my family. I have several relatives that have served at various times and nephews who recently joined the Navy. I myself was and still am proud that I was able to serve our country by serving in the Air Force. During my time, I went to war in the Gulf and traveled many places in the world. I am grateful and proud that I still represent this country as a US Air Force veteran.” 

Lawrence Hibbert, No-Touch Freight (NTF) Driver, Dot Foods New York

What Dot employees had to say about being a veteran:

“I’m proud to have served my country. Growing up, I always felt I owed America a debt for my freedoms as guaranteed in our Constitution. I am lucky to be an American.” 

Gregory Hamel, Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS) Driver Trainer, Dot Foods California

“Being a veteran means, at one point, we all stood up and placed the needs of others over our personal needs and the needs of our families. We stood tall amongst our brothers and sisters in arms, swore an oath, and took our place in history. It also means we can digest really bad food. Go Army!”

Gaylon Ryan, Human Resources Manager, Dot Foods Georgia

“It’s been 33 years since I took the oath to protect my country. I remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t remember yesterday, but I remember that day… LOL! You are never released from that duty! AMMO! USAF.” 

Pat Kirchner, CDS, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“I was privileged to defend our country, her people and the cause of liberty. Being a veteran also means remembering my brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice. I try to honor the true heroes that never made it home. I try to support and care for those whose lives and minds are torn from the battles they can never forget and the battle within. Never accept defeat, never quit!”

Sean Wayment, Driver, Dot Foods Idaho

“A veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the USA for an amount of and up to and including their life. Proud to have been a part of what keeps this country great!!”

Benjamin Keller, Battery Maintenance, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“Being a veteran makes you appreciate what we have here in the greatest country in the world.”

Bobby Woods, Driver, Dot Foods Oklahoma

“It was truly an honor to serve.” 

Mike Coil, CDS, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“It was proud to be able to serve in the military for the greatest country in the world. Not everyone gets to. It was an honor. I am very proud to tell people that I served.”

Kevin Johnson, Driver, Dot Foods Oklahoma

“I’m in the Army National Guard and I’m a Dot driver, as well. It’s been an honor and a privilege serving my country. I’m proud to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I love being a soldier, an artilleryman, and a non-commissioned officer (NCO). I love being able to work with such wonderful people. C Battery 1st Battalion 148th Field Artillery Regiment 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team.”  

Ryan Galloway, Driver, Dot Foods Idaho

“As a veteran, I’ve done something that not a lot of people are willing to do anymore—sign a contract with my life for the safety of others. Semper Fi.” 

Travis Jensen, Warehouse Lead, Dot Foods Idaho

“To me, being a veteran gives me a sense of self pride—proving to myself that I can do something that benefits more than just myself.” 

Kimball Sprague, Warehouse Lead, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“I knew it sounds cliche, but for me it was being part of something bigger than myself and contributing to our freedom. Many people in my family served before me and now my son wears the uniform, too. I can’t describe how proud I am of him.” 

Rodney Ivey, CDS, Dot Foods Idaho

“Being a veteran gives me pride to be an American. I appreciate it a lot more knowing I have worked hard for it.” 

Debra Housewright, Inventory Control Specialist, Dot Foods Idaho

“Being a veteran teaches you how to respect others serving your country fills your heart with pride make you a better person”

Edward Fortner, CDS, Dot Foods Tennessee

“It’s an honor to be called a veteran; but, at the same time, the benefits I have received for my service have far outweighed the sacrifice.”

Jeff Schmitz, Operations Transfer Manager, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“To me it means honoring those that paved the path before us, sacrificing for the greater good, being a small humble part of something bigger than life itself, and being in awe of this great country and flag that are the United States of America. 🇺🇸”

Tammy Lattin, Sanitation Lead, Dot Foods New York

“A sense of brotherhood. And, simply put,  it teaches you integrity and life lessons you can’t learn anywhere else.”

Leroy Stanton, Driver, Dot Foods New York

“It was a true privilege and honor to proudly serve. Aim High – Air Force!” 

Gary Gardner, Driver, Dot Foods Tennessee

“Deep pleasure to have had the opportunity [to serve].”

Robby Case, CDS Driver Trainer, Dot Foods Tennessee

“It means I defended a country that supports equality and justice for ALL people who call America home. It means I intentionally put myself in danger and risked my life to secure ALL liberties and freedoms for my son. It means I chose the road less traveled and suffered through the trails of warfare to ensure our future. I would not be who I am without my time in the Army. My experience gave me my work ethic and I’ll always be proud to be a veteran.”

Gracie Palacios, Inventory Control Clerk, Dot Foods Georgia

“Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.”

Adam Mckinney, CDS, Dot Foods Mt. Sterling

“Proud to be a part of the 11 percent who give all Americans the ability to sleep under the blanket of freedom in peace.” 

David Janiga, NTF, Dot Foods Arizona

“Serving my country… enough said! GO NAVY ⚓️😊”

Dan Diaz, Warehouse Material Handler, Dot Foods Arizona

“For me it was my pleasure and honor to serve. I made lifetime friends and whenever I am around a fellow Marine I’m never alone. I’m no hero, but I served with a few.”

Mike Striegel, Team Driver, Dot Foods Chicago

“It means always standing for the flag, and always believing that America is the best place in the world. We are blessed to be here.”

Blane Hampton, NTF, Dot Foods Tennessee