What it Means to be a “Warehouse Material Handler” at Dot Foods

March 08, 2021 | 7:26 PM

Being a warehouse material handler at Dot Foods is not always easy to explain. You can find a lot of variety in the job and not every material handler specializes in the same area of the warehouse.

Check out the different kinds of work you’ll be doing in the Dot Foods warehouse if you decide to join our team:

Warehouse Material Handler

Pallet Icon

Pick Customer Orders

All warehouse employee shifts begin with an assignment to a specific area of the warehouse. You are also assigned a particular kind of forklift or material handling equipment.

Fork Lift Icon

Drive a Forklift

Forklifts are an essential part of a warehouse job in the Dot Foods warehouse. Not forklift certified? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to do the job and use our equipment.


Types of Equipment You May Operate at Dot:

Stock Picker

Stock Picker

The stock picker is the first kind of forklift you’ll learn to operate as an order selector. You’ll pick cases based on a customer order list given to you at the beginning of your shift. You help ensure that the customer receives damage-free items in the correct quantities

Narrow Aisle

Narrow Aisle

The narrow aisle is used to move full pallets of product in and out of warehouse racks. You’ll use this equipment to put full pallets of product we’ve just received away. You’ll also restock different locations in the warehouse when they become empty.



The stand-up forklift is used by employees who work on our docks. They receive and unload freight from our suppliers’ trucks. They also load pallets of product picked by their co-workers onto Dot trucks.

Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack

With a pallet jack, you’ll perform a task that we call “dragging.” This means you’ll be moving product to and from different locations in the warehouse. This role is essential in streamlining our processes, and setting up your peers for success.

Job Variety

After you’ve graduated from training with Dot’s warehouse team, you’ll start learning other, more specialized positions that fall under the “warehouse material handler” job title.

Once you’ve learned all you need to know about the different pieces of equipment in the warehouse, you’ll be placed into a rotation within your warehouse temperature that allows you to do something different every time you come to work. This brings variety into your job and prevents work from feeling like the “same old, same old.”

Depending on which location you work at, their equipment may look a little bit different. If you have questions about specific equipment at your location, be sure to ask about it in your interview.

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