Dot Foods Warehouse

What It’s Like in the Dot Foods Warehouse


Products are being moved, forklifts are moving up and down aisles, trucks are being loaded and unloaded, and so much more. No day is the same. That’s what you can expect when working in the Dot warehouse.


As a warehouse worker in the warehouse, you’ll be lifting, pushing, and pulling around 1,500 cases, bags, and buckets per shift. The average case weight for these products is around 13.6 pounds.

Safety-First Mindset

Having so many moving parts in our warehouses means that having a safety-first mindset is essential to keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. You’ll go through training with us so you can feel confident moving throughout the aisles.

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Specialized Warehouse Worker Positions

The warehouse worker job at Dot is a large umbrella job that covers a wide variety of specific job duties. Not all warehouse workers do the same job. After you’ve graduated from your initial training period with Dot, you’ll learn the ins and out of more specialized positions. Once you are trained on all of the different machines in Dot’s warehouse, you’ll be put into a rotation so you won’t have to do the same thing every shift.

Order Selector

Order Selector

Pick cases in our warehouse based on a list provided at the beginning of your shift. You ensure the right products and correct quantities are delivered to the customer.

Order Selector

Loading & Receiving

Work on Dot’s docks unloading product from suppliers’ trucks and loading product onto Dot trucks.

Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack

Move product to and from various locations in the warehouse to help set your colleagues up for success.

Don’t want to operate machinery? Check out our parcel handler jobs.

Three Different Warehouse Environments

At all Dot locations, there are three different warehouse environments—or “temps,” as we like to call them. In most locations, a worker might be required to spend time in one, two, or all three temps in a given shift. However, because Mt. Sterling’s warehouse is so large by comparison, each temp has its own team (dry workers work solely in the dry warehouse, refrigerated in the refrigerated, etc.).


The dry warehouse is cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer months.


The refrigerated warehouse is kept at around 37 degrees. While you may feel the need to wear an extra layer, you won’t need a freezer suit.

cooler warehouse


The frozen warehouse is maintained at -5 degrees. All frozen warehouse employees must wear a freezer suit and other protective gear provided by Dot.

A Realistic Job Preview

Warehouse Parcel Handler

 Interested in working in the Dot warehouse but not interested in operating heavy machinery? Our parcel handler job* may be the right fit for you! Work alongside our automation technology as you package cases for one of the fastest-growing areas of our business.

What You’ll Do

  • Package and repackage cases and individual items to be shipped via small carrier using automated equipment
  • Send office mail and supplies out via FedEx and/or UPS
  • Print package labels and track daily production and shipment information
  • Maintain and track packaging supplies
  • Process returns
Parcel Worker

*Parcel handler roles are currently only available at Dot Foods Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Mt. Sterling, and Oklahoma.

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Job Duties in the Warehouse

What different tasks does a warehouse worker do? What types of equipment will I have to use? We break it all down in this article.