At Dot, we love to celebrate our people. Dot employees have some of the most unique stories and experiences around—in our humble opinion—and we firmly believe that those individuals’ experiences are what make our company great.

There are a lot of fantastic women who work at Dot in all areas of our business. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we wanted to recap some of the unique stories of Dot’s women employees, including the story of the woman who helped start it all.

Did you know?: Dot Foods exceeds gender diversity norms in comparison to the rest of the supply chain industry by having over seven percent more women in our workforce than our competitors.

The Original “Dot”

Meet Dorothy “Dot” Tracy. Dot Foods co-founder. Mom of 12 children. Active community member. 

Dorothy wasn’t nervous about starting a business with very few funds to her and her husband’s, Robert (RT), name. She wasn’t worried about how they would raise 12 children in a poor economy. She just did it. She made do with what they had, and she persevered during difficult times because of her strong faith in God and her trust that Robert knew what he was doing.

Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI)

Meet Lori. Team Driver. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur-turned-truck-driver.


Meet Sheila. Assistant Transportation Manager. Mom. Wife. Kidney Donor.


Meet Diana. No-Touch Freight Driver. Mother. Wife. Carrying on her family’s trucking legacy.


Meet Lori. Driver Trainer. Daughter. Caretaker.



Meet Lori. Operations Support Manager. User-to-be Pricing Supervisor. Tenured Dot Employee.

Office & Admin


Meet Patricia. Administrative Clerk. Community Advocate. Family Superwoman.


Meet Elly. Director of Pricing. Former Teaming with Local Charities (TLC) Committee Head. Community Advocate. Volunteerism Role Model.

Sales and Development


Meet Carrie. Senior Business Development Manager. Wife. Mom. Toddler Negotiator Extraordinaire.


Meet Savannah. Corporate Content Writer. Past Dot Intern. Remote Employee. Blogger. Coffee Devotee.


Meet Katja. Product Owner of Sales Enablement. Austria Native. Puzzle Expert.

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