There are many pieces of our whole selves that we share often with each other—family, friends, work, and more. However, there is one piece of ourselves that is significant to who we are, yet many times gets hidden – that is our talents. 

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” ― Benjamin Franklin.

Yvette Seal, Senior Graphic Designer, has a talent for art and was willing to share her story and inspiration with us in this month’s Dot Link. Additionally, the featured art piece you see below is displayed in the Mt. Sterling Family Health Center (FHC). 

How did you get into painting and why do you enjoy it?

“I’ve always had in interest in art. My parents enrolled me in painting classes when I was 11. From there I continued painting all through high school and college. While I use several different techniques and mediums like graphite, pen and ink, and airbrush, my favorite is watercolor. My great uncle was a commercial artist from 1930-1955. When he retired, he painted beautiful watercolor landscapes of things he found in his small town. He is my inspiration. I hope I can achieve what he did when I retire.”

Where do you do your artwork—in your home or do you have a studio?

“I paint in my home. My house is over 120 years old and has an awesome screened porch upstairs. Back in the day, they called them sleeping porches for relief from hot summers. It makes the best studio because of all the wonderful light that comes through. And the view is nice from the treetops.”

How did you get asked to do the FHC painting (was it random, have you done work like this before, etc.)

“Kathleen Parvis, our Creative Services Manager, was working on the décor for the FHC in Mt. Sterling. She felt it would be nice to add a local touch of art to the waiting area. Kathleen asked me if I would be interested, and of course, I was. I had an art show coming up and needed a newer piece to add to the collection. With Mt. Sterling’s recent uptown renovation, there are many beautiful views to capture. The one that captured my attention early is the clock at the corner of the intersection. These are unique to many small town and was even more appropriate to paint because it is across the street from the FHC. 

I took my first commissioned work in junior high school—a portrait of my history teacher’s father. While Mr. Jones was happy with the portrait, I think he was even more thrilled that it was so cheap. Currently, I tend to just paint for myself. My subjects aren’t always what someone would like over their couch, but they are meaningful to me.”

Do you paint for art galleries or just for situations like this? 

“I had my first private art show in June featuring paintings from 1984 to current day. It was extremely satisfying to see all of the art together on the walls and even more exciting to see that people were interested in it.”

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